We moved!

It’s official. We are now residents of Chico, CA. After days and weeks of agonizing over the next move for us, I decided that it was time to take a break from fun jobs and instability to try out a career path. I accepted an 11-month AmeriCorps position […]


A few weeks ago, I had my visa appointment at the consulate in San Francisco and unfortunately, it went just as I expected. In my excitement to move to Spain I overlooked something pretty important listed in the visa requirements. A valid green card for US permanent residents. […]

Quick update

Well I’m sure you can guess but I’d like to say it anyway. I accepted the offer from Meddeas and I’m going to Spain in September! I got started on visa application paperwork and I made an appointment at the consulate. I am extremely excited but I haven’t […]

New year, new goals

HELLO! And welcome if this post is the first you read on this blog. My name is Jo-Anne, or just Jo, and my dog Jax and I have had a year filled with adventures! Things have slowed down now and I’m working full time in a job that’s […]

LA and The Bay Area

When we left Florida the plan was to go to LA to deliver with Postmates to make some money for a while before training started for the new job in the last week of May. I started delivering immediately and within a week I was done. The traffic […]