Why I started writing.

A little over a year ago I finally put my money where my mouth is and drove my car across the country. I had been wanting to do a big trip for many years but could never find anyone to go with me (enter my trusty sidekick Jax) or I felt I didn’t have the money for a big trip (thanks to slaving away at the USPS for 6 months I had enough to fund a trip finally). I decided I would find a job in Oregon and move there. Pictures online made it seem like every hiker’s dream. Lush green forests and mountains everywhere! So I left my job and apartment in Florida without a real plan, way too many possessions in my car, and set off on a grand adventure. And grand it was! We saw everything and hiked everything we came across. The Grand Canyon, Zion, White Sands, Sequoia, Redwood Highway, the list goes on. Friends suggested I start a blog to keep everyone up-to-date on where we were and what we were doing, but I don’t fancy myself a writer, nor do I think people are interested in my “adventures”. One thing I’ve learned is that there are so many people out there doing the same things Jax and I do. Some with more money and bigger vehicles, but we’re all dirtbags. What makes us unique or special? Anyway I started this to keep track of everything. All the memories of all the beautiful places we’ve visited and all the friends we’ve made. I’m already having a hard time remembering things that happened less than a year ago, so this site is a means of self-preservation I guess.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE, I’m currently employed but seeking something better, preferably in an area where I can learn something new everyday or put my knowledge to good use, and feel like I’m making a difference. I have a life outside of my adventures and I know I’m not the only one who recently graduated and is navigating the world of unemployment or in a crap job that has nothing to do with what you studied in school. I’m currently trying to make a “career change” despite not having one. I guess it’s a change in fields. But I want to be very open about it and hope that my transparency will be able to help someone else who comes across my blog. I don’t consider myself as a writer or anything but I’m chatty and maybe someone will find all this interesting.

Happy tales.


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