Round the US in 2 weeks: Life after working on a cruise line

Working on that ship had its upsides. Constantly changing views, little responsibility outside daily duties, always hanging out with friends, a burning desire to do anything fun as soon as those daily duties were done. The lows were really low but the highs were pretty high. Where did I last leave off? Oh right, San Francisco. So just before I left San Francisco I had made plans with a friend who lives in Denver to meet up on a stopover on my way to Chicago and New York. When I got to Denver I was so sick I checked into a room at a Marriott and felt like sleeping for 2 days. I couldn’t afford to stay there but I was on VACATION and I was sick, so of course a I had to treat myself. But on day 2 I woke up and felt like I was better, so I checked into Hostel Fish downtown, called up my friend around lunch time and he and his mom invited me over for dinner. After dinner we went to an arcade bar for some fun and drinks. Earlier in the day I heard the woman at the front desk of the hotel warn a group of guys who were in town for a conference not to drink too much too fast if it was their first time in Denver, because of the elevation. I should have listened to her. I drank way more than usual and then after a few hours and some bar hopping we went back to his house and smoked a little. Bad combination at that elevation and for someone who was trying to get over a virus. After a little while things started to get a little fuzzy but I remember him saying “what’s happening to your voice?” I didn’t realize it but I was literally losing my voice while we were talking. We decided that since I had an early flight the next morning we would pull an all-nighter. When I left his place my voice was so gone that I could barely talk to my Uber driver.


The only picture I took in Chicago. It was pretty dreary and the sun never came out but I didn’t mind.

When I got to Chicago it got worse. When I checked into the HI Hostel there I had to mime everything to the girl at the front desk. I slept the day away and when I woke up I knew I had to try and find some deep dish pizza. When I found a restaurant nearby, I had to write everything down for the girl taking the orders. I took it back to my room and some of my roommates were there. I couldn’t even introduce myself to them.The hostel was so nice by the way. It was like a college dorm converted into hostel rooms. Our two rooms shared a common area, kitchen, and bathroom, like college suites. The hostel had a sweet dining room and large lounge with TVs and pool tables. It was huge and I wish I could’ve enjoyed it but I just didn’t have the energy for it. The hostel was close to everything though so I got to walk everywhere which was nice. Strangely enough I didn’t feel that sick but not having a voice for someone like me who’s a talker, it was horrible. Despite feeling drained I had to do something fun, so I woke up early and went to the Art Institute of Chicago just as the doors were opening, I only had a few hours to wander before my flight. There was a huge line on the steps and the museum was so crowded I couldn’t reenact any scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. So depressing. Nevertheless the collection at the museum was impressive and I was happy I got to experience some of it.

When I got to New York it was cold and I couldn’t sleep at night because every time I laid down I’d start coughing and couldn’t stop. My sister tried to show me around the city but I just wasn’t feeling up to it. So I left New York, miserable, after 4 days. But at least I was on my way to see my Jax.


To be continued…


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