Meddeas 2018/2019 acceptance

I’ve been very busy with planning the rest of my year as well as working on a pretty big project that I’ll be writing another post on that I haven’t had time to update the blog. As the title suggests, I have some news. This morning I got an acceptance letter for the upcoming school year with Meddeas to work in/around Madrid, Spain. Obviously this is a dream come true and it is exactly what I wanted to happen, but I am skeptical. You see, I did an interview for the private school program with Meddeas, and was not accepted for whatever reason. And last week got an email asking if I was interested in the public school program. I want to get to Spain however I can, so I filled out the application they sent me and read the little info they had on their website. It wasn’t very informative but I am desperate to get to Spain so I thought nothing of it and thought it would be at least a week before I heard back.


And so, this morning when I got the acceptance and them asking me to send in the signed contract and the funds within 4 days I had to do some more research. The only substantial results were 3 questions from other people on expat forums. And to be honest, they are probably from the same person. The results only dated back to this time last year. So I looked up the person who sent me the emails. She has the same email address as the other emails I received from Meddeas and all her profiles online say she works at Meddeas (but you can literally put anything online so that bit isn’t worth much). I don’t want to miss an opportunity due to skepticism but I think I’ll be asking more questions before I send in all that money.


Unfortunately, the start date is extremely convenient, as I am working until the end of August in California and was worried about having to rush to sell my car and get to the east cost for our flight in as little as 2 weeks. This way I’d have an entire month to prepare for our departure. And the public school program wouldn’t require me to go to Barcelona for orientation like the private school program. AND to top it all off, every bit of information I can find about Meddeas is positive. Every blogger has either had a good experience with them or knows someone who has. So that makes me very tempted to accept the position. But I’m also waiting to hear back from UCETAM. They are starting interviews soon according to the email I got a few weeks ago. Their program wouldn’t cost me anything and they pay more. I’m not doing this for the money but I also don’t want to have to live with 4/5 other people to get by in Spain and I would like to be able to save a little while I’m there. I’m going to do some more poking around before I decide. Hopefully I get a sign or some helpful news before I run out of time.



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