A few weeks ago, I had my visa appointment at the consulate in San Francisco and unfortunately, it went just as I expected. In my excitement to move to Spain I overlooked something pretty important listed in the visa requirements. A valid green card for US permanent residents. I didn’t think it was important when I first saw the list because I applied for citizenship a year ago and figured the process would be over soon. But my expired green card caused me to be denied a visa. I felt helpless and defeated because I had no back up plan and Spain is the only thing I’ve had to look forward to in years. I didn’t know what to do. So on a whim I applied to renew my green card and spent some money on unnecessary things to make myself feel a little better.

After a week of wallowing I got on the job hunt and didn’t even know what I was looking for. A few months ago I tried looking for a job as a backup plan and didn’t apply to a single posting. Nothing could top Spain! What could I possibly do for work that would dull the pain of losing Spain? Nothing. So now that I was forced to find a job here I had some soul searching to do. About a week ago I finally figured it out.

As a sort of recent graduate, I don’t have most of the qualifications listed in the majority of job postings. And even if I did, the fact of the matter is that most employers want to hire overqualified candidates. So I turned to the only source of employment that I knew I’d qualify for but could also provide me with some valuable work experience, the AmeriCorps. In this past week I’ve had several interviews. Each with a positive outcome. But also in the past week I’ve had an appointment with immigration that resulted in the validity of my green card being extended until August 2019. Essentially I can now get a visa to go to Spain. Problem solved!

Not quite. Obviously it makes total sense for me to go ahead and get the visa and never look back. But it also makes sense that I stay here and get that valuable work experience that will hopefully launch a career that I’ll enjoy and make a difference in. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing. But I’ll be sure to write it all down here.


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