Hi, my name is Jo-Anne, but most people call me Jo. I adopted Jax in June 2014 and my life has changed a lot since then. I grew up in Jamaica and my family moved to Florida in 2007. I’ve never been very social or good with people but it’s kind of hard to be a fly on the wall when I’m constantly approached when I’m out with Jax. Since coming out of my shell we’ve done a bit of traveling and had some fantastic adventures, made some very good friends. Initially I didn’t want to be one of those people buying into blogging trend/fad. It seems like everyone and their mother has one. But then I realised our experiences and adventures could inspire someone else to take that leap and start exploring their country or even the world. Or maybe there’s just a snippet of info on this site that will make traveling with a dog easier for someone. Either way I’m happy to help.

I recently decided to go to grad school and I’ve been wanting to live abroad for years so I figured I’d kill one bird with two stones. I’m going to document every detail on here for others that might be looking for information on what the process is like. And as with anything else, Jax will be with me come hell or high water, so I’ll be sure to mention all the special information I learn about moving to a foreign country with a dog. I hope someone finds this blog useful and enjoyable.

Happy Tales!